Sunday, October 9, 2011


Getting better at ANY human task quickly brings better results. Without a doubt, attitude supercedes aptitude in determining your altitude. The faster you focus on this, the faster you'll see far, far more of the results you most desire.

It's vital that you understand that superior methods are a direct result of superior attitudes. You are in no position to alter the axioms of life. They haven't changed in several thousand years; it's no great wager that such change is imminent. The only thing that DOES change is the human ability to change; to improve, to ask better questions, to produce better answers, and thereby move up the ladder most desired by any specific individual, which in this case refers, of course, to you. The methods themselves haven't changed in thousands of years.
Thirty-two thousand (and counting) human skills, powers, and talents. One stands out far and above as the most underrated, underused of them all. Tapping into this power more efficiently today, here and now, is absolutely guaranteed to produce unprecedented results in your life -- ready for this? -- within the next 24 hours. THOUSANDS of masters and millionaires have said so, and proven it to be so -- and if you knew better, we'd see you DOING it better, wouldn't we? Well, here's your shot, yet again; your chance to make it better... NOW.
Two women receive flowers from their respective guys. One melts with love and hugs him, while the other demands to know what he's up to, why he's being nice, and he'd better 'fess up now.

A flight is delayed three hours due to bad weather. 148 passengers grumbling, moaning and groaning for the whole three hours and even into the new flight. One couple, the only two people among 150 passengers, decide to use those three hours to make a written plan of where they'd like to be in five years, and tell jokes, and even exchange a few hugs, thoroughly enjoying the delay.
One of the 42,000 Americans who responded to NASA's call for citizens to apply for acceptance into the elite corps of astronauts was a teacher. Despite the enormous odds against it, he continued to make the grade cut after cut, even into the final 100 candidates, then being accepted into the training program. He found that his students and friends, family and co-workers, all offered support for his cherished dream.
He didn't make the final cut, & when the shuttle blasted off on a rocket from Kennedy Space Center, no one doubted his disappointment, which lasted under one minute as he, along with the world, saw the shuttle explode in the sky, killing all aboard.
Epictetus taught us,
"When anything external distresses us, it is not the event which causes us pain; rather, our response to it, and this we have the power to revoke at every given moment."
The only people who understand that sentence are those who live it on a day to day basis by focusing on the solution, rather than just the problem.
Abraham Lincoln further sealed his place in history among wise men when he articulated the thought that a person is just about as happy as they make up their mind to be. On the surface, that statement appears simple. Rest assured there are multiple layers to this idea. How sad that you don't have the time to invest just five consecutive minutes thinking, really thinking about the profoundly powerful nature of Mr. Lincoln's statement.
Those who invest those 5 minutes quickly yield the sweet fruit of wisdom and its attendant profit. It's so incredibly simple, and powerful; why are you not tapping into it in this very hour to dramatically alter so many different facets of your life?

One of the earliest self-help recordings was a powerful piece by Earl Nightingale, offered in that gravelly, whiskey-kissed voice. He called it The Strangest Secret, comprised of six simple words that change the world of every human who understands it
at least one level beyond the obvious.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Someday I will definitely ________________________."

In the third week of April, 1991, I was told by Dr. Greg Loomis, Albany Medical Center superstar neurosurgeon, that the bulging & herniated discs, acute chronic cervical arthritis, extensive nerve damage, cervical AND lumbrosacral radiculopathy, & other mechanical damages sustained in a 100+ MPH collision, would leave me in a wheelchair for life: no surgery, no therapy, no pharmaceutical protocols would ever change this inevitable outcome. His opinion was supported by 4 other orthopedic/neurological specialists. To boot, I was "marked" as a loser by my own family who pretty well disowned me, voicing their certitude that I would never amount to anything... ever.I made a decision {from the Latin root that means "to cut off" (from any other possibility)} to study all I could find on how to go from "Loser" to "Winner," & how to defeat massive medical challenges.

Between 4/91 & 12/94, I read more than 1700 books on these subjects & was blessed by the gifts of Monsignor Bernard Kellogg, rest in peace, who saw more in me than my own flesh and blood did.
He invested thousands of dollars, purchasing for me tape cassettes, videos, laser discs, books, & more.
I studied these subjects 10-16 hrs pr day. I sought commonalities, & began PUTTING THEM TO USE.

I came home to LI with a box of sweatsuits, nine boxes of the most advanced research in cybernetic functions of the human brain/body, psychoneuroimmunology, peak performance by 5200 of the most successful human beings of the past 300 years; & case histories of 1500 "golden losers," people who had turned horrid challenges into successful lives. Many of them are people whose names you will recognize. I also had $180 in cash. Have I changed the worldsince then? Of course not; yet, when I wake up each day, I AM excited about today.

I've obtained an executive position, I have a $15,000 wardrobe, two cars, two motorcycles; a variety of advanced electronic "toys," such as the computer I'm producing this on; hundreds of CD's; thousands of dollars in the bank; I've paid off 8 grand in debts, & still manage to carry a couple of thousand in pocket.
Best of all, I get to invest time and other resources into working with some s e r i o u s l y disadvantaged people, & what a payoff that is!

You'd be seriously mistaken if you think that these past few paragraphs are designed to impress you. Not by a long shot: I am hoping to impress UPON you a very basic set of axioms:

If you are capable of determining:
  • precisely what it is you want,
  • setting a deadline for its achievement
  • enumerating the expected obstacles
  • the people who can help you
  • the skills/info you'll need
  • a step-by-step plan of action, and
  • a clear reason for doing it (WHY? Precisely how will I benefit?),
you'll see that you have taken the beginning steps that have been consciously or not-so-consciously taken by each and every successful human being of those 5200 I studied.
Please believe me: knowing this information is not enough.
Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is NOT power:it is only potential power. It becomes power only when we take ACTION upon that knowledge.

The Latins & Greeks knew what they were doing when they created our language. For example, look at the word SATISFACTION. "SATISFACTION" is a feeling, right? If you want satisfaction in life, we first have to look at the last six letters of the word satisfaction.Look carefully.

Now, look at the "fac" in the middle.It comes from the Latin root (facere) meaning "to create," as in "manufacture." Next, look at the first five letters of "satisfaction:" "Satis" (pronounced saTEESE) means "adequate" or "sufficient."

Put them all together, and you 'll understand that when you create sufficient action, you get a feeling. That feeling is what we call "satisfaction."

At age 32, twice-bankrupted, undesirably discharged from the US Navy, and dead broke, Walter walked into a bank w/ a hand puppet named "Steamboat Willie," & in the falsetto voice of his puppet tried to get a loan to promote his puppet. Needless to say, they laughed him out of the bank. So did the next bank... and the next. Can you imagine the chutzpah of someone taking a hand puppet to TWENTY-FIVE different banks, trying to get a loan? Preposterous! Most of us would have given up after 5 or 6 or 7, or maybe even just one or two tries. Every one of the 25 banks turned him down.
Did he quit? Not a chance. You see, he understood that persistence overcomes just about every obstacle known to Mankind: at least there have been so few exceptions to this rule thus far, and Mankind has been around awhile, at least 30 or more years that I know of. That's why he went to 30 banks, & then 40.

A total of, are you ready for this?..... EIGHTY-FOUR BANKS TURNED HIM DOWN!

When he had nothing but himself & a dream to believe in, he was more successful than most of the financially wealthy people I know... because he never ever ever stopped trying.
Bank # 85 lent him $1500... and he changed Steamboat Willie's name, a name I'm sure you will recognize: Mickey Mouse. What a wonderful role model Walt Disney is for me.

Talk is cheap. Keep banging the clock, making it to Friday, so that you can piss away the weekend in order to bang again next week so that you can make it to the weekend, for the purpose of recharging your batteries & going out the following week to bang ou.... get the hint?
Losers list all of the reasons why it can't be done.... Winners list ways to get it done.
Losers fix the blame. Winners fix the problem.
Losers punch clocks endlessly... Winners USE their time for their own achievement.

People who do not have clear-cut goals for themselves
INEVITABLY serve someone else who does.
Do you understand the truth of this? Are you smart enough to DO something w/ this info?

What's it gonna be?
Got a few minutes for yourself? Why not take a look at what's possible in YOUR life?
Once again, you are asked a few questions. Since repetition has proven to be the mother of all skill, (with a nod to Tony Robbins) maybe this will be the day that you go just one or two steps further than you did yesterday, because knowing the answers doesn't move you forwards one iota; rather, it keeps you in the same place, thinking the same things, doing things the same way... ... ... and getting the same results.

Do you have time for questions about the rest of YOUR life?

Do you understand that if you don't know precisely where you are going...
you'll probably end up somewhere else?

Now we realize, and do see that most of the people who read this... ESPECIALLY you college graduates... are waaaaaay too stupid to actually change. You've all got excellent "reasons" for just why it is you're not taking more steps TODAY towards making YOUR dreams come true.

We do know that up to seven of every one hundred people who read these words, REGARDLESS OF YOUR EDUCATION, or FINANCES, or FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES, etc... will be smart enough to put the tools of Success to work for them in the next 60 minutes.

The proof? One year from today you're invited to sit down and account for these next twelve months... in terms of what you (and I) have, or haven't done... toward the achievement of our long-term desires and goals. As for immediate proof, well, we'll have that in the next sixty minutes, won't we? You'll either treat the next hour of your life with excellence, or you won't. ... and there's our proof.

It's an open invitation... to those precious few who agree with Albert Einstein's assertion that genius is nothing more, or less, than the infinite ability to take infinite pains...
... an infinite number of times.

We already know the outcome in advance: up to seven of every hundred will stop yabbering and use more of the resources already at their disposal... including the valuable information provided by those who are already succeeding repeatedly at a world-class level.

That's what we call 'the horse's mouth.'

1) What do you most want?

2) Who can help you to get it?

3) Precisely when do you want it by?

4) What five smaller steps will make this happen?

Talk is cheap. Let's get busy.

"Someday I will definitely ________________________."

Whatever your circumstances then, you were 100% certain that by 20, 70, 30, 40, -- take your pick -- you'd be _____________________________________.

Go ahead; have a little fun; provide a quick pleasure.
Fill in the blanks! Yes, now.

Unless you are a genuine vegetable, in which case you wouldn't even have gotten this far, there are things you would still like to do, be, and have in this life. If I offer you ten thousand dollars cash for every item you can list, how many things can you list that you would still like to be able to do before you die?

Go ahead, give it a shot: _______________________________________




How about when you were 17? Unless you've dulled your mind with lack of effort, are you capable of recreating, in your mind's eye --- right now -- the beliefs you held when you were 15 - 20 yrs old about where you'd be at age 30, 40, etc? Can you do it right now, as you read this?
If you couldn't be bothered doing this, please go bang your head against the wall several times

Fill in the margins, too. Write down several things that you were sure of 5, or 10, or even 20 years back if you can remember that far with at least a little bit of clarity (If not, then you must be senile, so toss in your chips, and this page, too).
Now, please identify for me the precise day that you woke up and decided to live a day that was virtually identical to the day before. Get up, punch a clock, go to work, have a drink. go home,....

Was yesterday pretty much the same as the day before? What about today? Got anything special planned for this evening? Are you trying to tell me that you did at least ONE MEASLY THING towards achieving anything that you want? Yeah, right.

How many languages do you speak? When was the last time you looked at your mate & saw something to be grateful for? (and commented on). Do you have at least ten to twenty grand socked away? Ever wanted to learn how to play guitar or piano, but just "haven't had the time? To nail bullseyes w/ bow & arrow, or darts? If you haven't either told or shown your kids recently that you love them, you'll understand how much you'll have contributed to them becoming losers: people who stop trying for a happy & rewarding life at some weird, unexplained date in time... usually in their 20', or early 30's, when they really don't believe in themselves...deep down... and so they stop trying... y'know, kinda like.... you?

Short and sweet: whenever we want something, whether it's a date with that verrrry nice-looking person over there, to learning new material for work, school, or what-have you, we find more ways to do it, have it, get it,... and if we can't find ways to do it... we create them.

Now I realize, and do understand, that most of the people who read this... ESPECIALLY you college graduates... are waaaaaay too stupid to actually change. You're so educated that you think you know what to do. If so, you'd be doing it. I know, I know: you've all got excellent "reasons" for just why it is you're not at the point in life you believed you'd be just 5, 10, or perhaps 20 years ago.
I'm not saying you have to go out and be a Leonardo da Vinci, a George Washington Carver, a Thomas Edison, or a Thomas Jefferson, in terms of accomplishments in so many different disciplines, as each of these men did...
but you can bet your bottom dollar that the single largest commonality observed in every single one of more than five thousand successful people was that each and every one of them failed... hundreds and thousands of times more than you and your whole family put together!! Because they TRIED more.

I'm not much on spectator sports, & I don't know if you are, but I'm asking you to consider the following:
-- Far more than any other baseball player, Babe Ruth suffered the greatest number of strikeouts. And the second-worst strikeout king? Hank Aaron. Then Mickey Mantle. That's right, the three biggest home run kings also struck out far more than any other players. Think it's coincidence?

2) What most people remember about Fran Tarkenton is that he successfully completed more passes than any other NFL quarterback in history. Do you think there's some connection w/ the fact that he also had more of his passes intercepted than any other NFL qb?
-- Ricky Henderson stole more bases than any other man in baseball history.... and yes, he was tagged out more times than any other. Are you catching on yet?

Do you think it a coincidence that Wilma Rudolph, a childhood victim of polio, went on to become the fastest lady in American history who broke THREE world records when she won three gold medals in the Olympics...? (Her records stand unbroken).
-- The greatest hitter in baseball was a man named Ty Cobb. His lifetime baseball average, over a period of many years, was an astonishing .367! No one has come close in the past 30-40 years. Here we have Ty Cobb, a professional, the best who ever lived. The fact that he had the highest average in history does not, change the fact that as good as even Ty Cobb was, he failed two times out of every three tries!! You've done no less, today you can do more.

If I offer you ten thousand dollars cash for every item you can list, how many things can you list that you would still like to be able to do before you die?

___________________________________ ___________________________________

If you DID have the brains to fill in those blanks, I have got some very exciting information for you:

  1. Without exception, the human brain and system ALWAYS and without fail, moves towards its most dominant current thought.
    If you understand that statement, and CREATE a new set of dominant thoughts, watch what happens.

  2. If you can write down on paper exactly what it is you want,
  3. establish a date by which you intend to achieve it
  4. list all of the obstacles you can expect to encounter
  5. list the skills/info you'll need to develop OR sharpen
  6. list the people/organizations/agencies that can help you achieve it
  8. WHY you want it
and then take daily steps toward it, you will find, within the next 25 days, that numerous areas of your life are improving at a l i t e r a l l y astonishing rate...

If you think I'm pulling your leg, don't take MY word for it: Shut up and DO IT !!!!
Results... measurable, impressive results... are unconditionally guaranteed to occur.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Masters and Millionaires

If you are NOT a master or millionaire at SOME human effort, remember why you have two ears & one mouth. It's reasonable to think they were designed to be used twice as much... yes, or no? Doesn't it follow that you have two eyes in order for them to be used twice as much as the one mouth?

Do you understand that hundreds of thousands of living masters, along with millions of millionaires must know more than you? As hard as it is to visualize tens of thousands of masters at their craft, let alone millions, yes, MILLIONS of individual millionaires, the fact remains that they can personally attest to the best news for you this year, regarding your own possibilibities.
Who among us can even imagine such numbers? More to the point, how can so many millions of successful individuals be wrong, or be less wise than you?

As always, those who know better, can be seen to do it better. Of the thirty-two questions that were asked of more than 5,200 masters, millionaires, and billionaires, only three answers came close to being perfectly uniform in the course of these interviews. Without a doubt, this page contains the seed of one of the greatest powers at your disposal. Knowing it is virtually useless until it's actually used by you personally to reap the rich, rewarding benefits.

Answer 5 questions in detail within 72 hours of now... IN WRITING... and you are unconditionally guaranteed to reap enormous impact on your life in days or, if you're the dummy of the family, as much as a couple of weeks. With such positive results being guaranteed, half your battle (worrying about whether something will work for you), is unecessary. President, janitor, first-year student or manager; housewife or household word: this program works for every human being who uses it.
HUGE results at a highly accelerated pace. Absolutely guaranteed.
Because they are the shortcuts and techniques of our universal role models, literally thousands and thousands of masters, and most of our seven million millionaires, the power gems in these pages comprise the most guaranteed system of success on earth. They are from what your Grandpa might call the horse's mouth. You can tolerate a quote from a beloved grandfather, can't you?..."If you don't get it from the horse's mouth, maybe you're spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse."

Remember, these techniques and shortcuts are so powerful, so very fast-acting, that the people who use these 'magic tricks' cannot possibly fail; they can only stop their forward motion by not acting upon them. You don't quit because you failed. Without exception, you fail because you quit. Having shortcuts at your disposal are useful only insofar as you remember that the word 'useful' means 'full of use." With persistence, these shortcuts produce astonishing results, quickly. We've produced an average of more than 10,000 new millionaires per week in America for 7 years. Isn't it your turn?
Look at every single supersuccessful person in history. EVERY SINGLE ONE! They themselves are telling us how they do it! What better possible source is there for you, for me, for any human who's not getting all of the results we might want? If at this moment you are not at the highest point of your life that you ever dreamed you'd be, or enroute, be quiet. You can get it from the horse's mouth, or be accused of spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse. Get ready for quick results.
Although America currently boasts seven MILLION individual millionaires, more significant is the fact that approximately six million of these people aren't merely worth a million, they report annual incomes in excess of a million dollars. I have trouble visualizing six hundred thousand millionaires in one country; how can there be yet another ten GROUPS of six hundred thousand people who are currently earning a million or more dollars per year?
When we're reminded that money is, at best, second or third on the list of measurements for success, think of all the other joys available in life. You already believe that earning a million per year is much harder than, say, learning a new language, or getting along better with certain family members, or harder than getting some passion back into your marriage or significant relationship. If many hundreds of thousands of living Americans can learn to earn a million or more per year WITHOUT A DIPLOMA, then how many "easier" tasks are there that you can master? Of what use is it to you personally to know that more efficient use of resources you already possess will bring fast, powerful benefits...if you don't DO it?
What is YOUR reputation? Right now, hush up, and answer: What was the last thing you did to earn the respect of your peers? _________________________ This is what your reputation is based upon. As the publisher of Who's Who Worldwide, Bruce Gordon used to say, "Yeah, but what have you done for me lately?" Less than ten minutes from now, I propose that we ensure that we have the basic shape of the blueprint that will bring you from where you are right now, to a better place in this life, whether you're 17 or 87. Remember Anna Mary Robertson? At 76, with arthritis so severe she couldn't dress alone, six doctors told her it was hopeless. The seventh doctor suggested she pick up a pen or pencil each day to draw, perhaps a paintbrush. Laughingly, she said she'd never picked up a paintbrush in her life. He asked her what she had to lose.
Between the ages of 76 and 94, Anna Mary Robertson, better known as Grandma Moses, painted more than 600 masterpieces, and later, nearly 400 more. She even illustrated "The Night Before Christmas" when she was 100. She found a better place in life. You will too, in the next few days, by simply closing your mouth, opening your ears, and following the shortcuts. Just do it with me, for ten simple minutes, no matter WHO you are, or what you do. I've read more than sixteen thousand books, and that's probably more than you and everyone you know all added up together have read.

We're bringing these incredible supershortcuts to you from the mouths, the words, and deeds of thousands upon thousands of extraordinarily successful people, using a broad, universally agreeable definition of success: Measureable results. Every human task fits this. We can modify this definition, never eliminate it. We can agree that one definition of success is: The day-to-day progress towards mutual benefit. Whatever YOUR definition of success is, there's a way to measure it in your field of interest, correct? We'll identify precisely where you are on the map, and where you are determined to be in 100 days, and 1000 days. I'm proceeding on the assumption that you can identify at least one thing, if not more, that you need to be world-class at before you die.
Without a doubt, the single most important thing you can do in the next sixty seconds is to state out loud, your determination that you can, and will, be world-class at ____________________________________.
Let's put it out on the table and clarify why we are spending time together. If you're reading this, I've been paid the money. That's one of my two goals for this program. Because I derive joy giving away half my income, money is almost as important as my life's passion. The only true value I get is for you to close your mouth, open your eyes and ears - to those who have done it better than you - and will continue to do it better than you until the moment you begin doing as they do. It's one of the most basic facets of science. Duplicate an action enough times, and you will assuredly duplicate the results of that action.
Every page in this presentation contains powerful, immediately useful items. Every page or two, jot down those that seem tailor-made for you to gain benefit. Please remember that the entire point of this entire program: is for you to use shortcuts that produce results within a day or so. Please don't complicate things. Keep it simple. Every shortcut you take brings you one step closer. Write in the margins, write on the lines, write on the covers, just please don't be a moron and stop writing. The more you write, the more you make. The more you write, the more you make. The more you write, the more you make.
Even if you only use a fraction of what's in here, there are dozens of shortcuts that are as good as tailor-made, just for you, in YOUR particular career field, whether you're a household word, or housewife, a Harrier jet pilot or a hooker, a typist or a tyrant: this is the best day to create a useful map, recipe, blueprint, because even more convincing than my own use, or my students' successful use of these high-powered shortcuts: Name 1000 role models of this generation. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM uses most or all of these Shortcuts of masters and millionaires.
Stop leaving it to other people to do, many of whom do NOT seem to be as smart as you. If you are not an, acknowledged master or millionaire in your field, you have absolutely no right to a licit, valid opinion on how to do it successfully.
There are people who pursue their highest calling with passion, and there are people who do not. We already KNOW what you are.... because of whatever you've done on a day to day basis for years now. It is the final dividing line, the shortcut to understanding the most critical, instantaneous forward motion toward supersuccess: those who know what to do, and those who shut up and do it. Just like the thousands of Winners I've interviewed, and thousands more I've studied, your life is perfect proof of virtually every word you're reading. Stupid people are those who know exactly what to do; smart people are those who shut up and do it. Most people get only one life to live. Is it fair for us to say that you personally will probably only live one life? If you only have one of something, don't you want to treat it differently than you do something you have many of? Do you understand (which means, do you ACT as if you understand) that life, like a piece of bread or lightbulb, is made up of smaller components that are combined? With bread, it's the smaller components of flour, water, and heat.

With the light bulb, it's a piece of wire, a couple of supports, a wire band, glass.
With life, the smaller components are what we call seconds, which rapidly become minutes and years.
Just as we can take the light bulb, and add it to other items to be part of a truck, the individual seconds of your life, and mine, and everyone who lives and breathes, those seconds become hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Add up all the items, and the total is called "My Life." Because we add different amounts of different ingredients, the final product is also different.
Since you or somebody else paid for this presentation, it makes sense to use it. In the next five minutes, let's draft out a proposed plan for your life. Yes, you. Five minutes. Write in the margins if you have to. PUT IT ON PAPER. It is one of the most compelling of all the shortcuts of power: it must be written. Never mind what's in your head. Does no good until it's outside of your head, under your control. For your sake. Scribble ideas and wishes in the margins. USE IT!!
Everything important you ever do in your life you plan, from weddings and holidays to interstate travel.
In minutes, we begin drafting a plan for the most important journey of all: YOUR LIFE... day to day.
Stop and think about it: ever been to a wedding? I would suppose that no less than 95% of all weddings go off wonderfully. Every wonder why? Think there might be a connection to the fact that the wedding or other affair was so carefully planned? Even the color and folding of the napkins or type of lettering on the invitations to the honeymoon suite reservations, et alia: the event is planned, on paper.
It's broken down to smaller steps, correct?
Would you even dream of trying to make a three-day deadline to travel 1500 miles without a definite, clear, written plan, sometimes referred to as 'a map;' sometimes referred to as 'Give me the directions?" Of course not. You make the deadline specifically because you knew precisely where you were going, you found out which road to take, and then you persisted, even when you got lost, ran out of gas, or suffered other obstacles.
When you come to a red light, you stop your car (hopefully). At that moment, your forward momentum has stopped. In fact, your trip has come, literally, to a halt. Do you end the trip? Do you turn around and go home? Well, before you sneer, stop and consider how many times in your life you may have taken a first step, even a second, third, or ninth step towards doing or acquiring something, and suddenly your trip came to a halt. Proving once again that ninety-three percent of us are too stupid to act upon the knowledge that 100% of us possess, you quit. Because you quit, you failed, not the other way around. In any and every worthwhile thing you personally have ever accomplished, and repeated at will, it is exclusively because you knew precisely what you wanted, you knew what you had to do to get there, and you did it as many times as it took to get it done. Now, we get to use your skills for higher achievements, with results appearing as soon as the next hour or less... of YOUR life.
Just get the recipe correct. Like a corrected map or blueprint of your home, we work backwards, live forwards. You would not bake a cake without a specific, QUANTIFIED recipe. You would not dream of driving to another city without a map. You would not consider building a house without a blueprint. How could you possibly think of treating your life as something not worthy of building, rather than just taking as it comes?
What do these things have in common? They are written, and they are ca pable of being measured by QUANTIFIABLE smaller steps. Period. 45,000 pages of research are crunched into 2100 pages. Quantifiable. Enough material for ten books. When you ask better questions, you persistently get better answers, whether you're asking the question of yourself, or someone else. It works. Use it.
  • Precisely (meaning precisely) what do I want?
  • By what date?
  • What five smaller pieces can I break this into?
  • Who can I ask for help?
  • What first measurable step can I take in the next five days?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life's Lovelier Shortcuts

If you wish to make magic happen in your life in a matter of a few weeks, yes, as little as, say, 22 days or so, you certainly can. Not only have I done so, hundreds of my students have done so.

At risk of offending you, I've given away far more money than you've earned in your life.... And because I will be dead and buried by the time you read these words, I have no ax to grind, no ulterior motive beyond the selfish desire to be remembered as one ass-kicking, supereffective coach and cheerleader in the arena of human peak performance.

I proved many, many doctors and surgeons wrong by NOT living the rest of my life in a wheelchair,
all twisted up from a drunken driver hitting the van I was a passenger in at 100+ MPH,

I'm grateful to have been credited with breaking or shattering more than 170 production records at seven sizable NY companies (truth is, I didn't break all those records, WE broke all those records... and WE got paid rather well for it).

In terms of guitar, piano, languages, art.... So many people thought I went from being an idiot to a genius. Simple truth is, I tapped into the identical shortcuts being used by so many hundreds of these extraordinary human beings I was interviewing on a daily basis.
You are asked to begin by accepting that this will require a minimum of one percent of your time...for as long as you wish to be a star in SOME area of human endeavor.
This means 14.4 minutes per day.... every day. It means doing some writing, maybe just a tiny bit more than you have been, and we begin here.
From the mouths of inordinately successful people,
instantaneous improvements ARE realistic, with a realistic plan. The difference between you attempting to bake a cake from scratch and then turning to a recipe is the difference of instaneous, and usually measurable improvements. What exactly does it take for you to get sick and tired of getting mediocre results, and, far more importantly, understanding that there is a direct and mathetmatical relationship between mediocre efforts and mediocre results..... between excellent efforts and excellent result?

These 'recipes' work at rates significantly accelerated from the place you're at. Identifying your results, and the mediocre efforts that have created them, is not a putdown; it's a pragmatic way of pointing out a better way for EVERY one of us to look toward.
Tell me, what would thrill you in your life?

Why not print out the next couple of pages and pick up a pen, answering these questions to, and strictly FOR yourself.... For Your Eyes Only....

What would it take to get YOU to whoop and holler?
Go ahead: ____________________________________________________________
Humor me here: When do you want it by? __________________
  • If you were experiencing a crisis so serious you'd even resort to asking for help from people you'd never have thought to go to: cousins, friends, old teachers, associates in particular organizations... what I want you to do in the next 30 seconds is name 5 - 10 people you could conceivably go to for help. Now, NOW, NOW!!!
___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

NAME 3 organizations or agencies who could possibly help out: (You can always add to this list later, right?)
____________________ ____________________ ____________________

We come to the most important question of all: Why do you want it?
One of the most profound truths you will ever ever ever encounter in your life:

It's already happened to you: think of every time you've had an unexpected deadline to meet, such as raising cash for insurance payment, car, rent; preparing for a test or presentation. "DUE TOMORROW?!? WHAT REPORT?!"
You have no idea how you're going to raise that money, or get to that city, get the report done in 3 days, or whatever. You scramble your brain thinking of people who can help you, how you can block out the time to do it. When the reason is urgent enough, you somehow manage to pull it off, don't you? Icing on the cake: you manage to pull it off 90+% of the time, don't you? Getting that gift, raising the rent on time, medical fees, dental, auto insurance. Every time you hit that crisis, you find a way to survive it, don't you? If it's important enough, our emotions are involved. Then, we always find 'how' to get it done. Simply transfer that urgency to any desire you writing!

Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed.

Whoooooah!!! Huge, truly huge power in that sentence. Raw power that I can use in the next 100 minutes of my life. Hmm. Whaddya say, Champ? Why not live a life that's filled with passion, and excitement... and feeling exceptionally good.
Today's a great day to be excellent,
and get some of that internal recognition that tastes so sweeeeeet, yes? Today!!
Ladies & gentlemen, when you come to understand the previous paragraph, I unconditionally promise that your income will double within 100 days. I realize you already think you understand it. Let's just say that the 7th or 8th time you read it aloud, you'll have more immediate power at your disposal. I had a dream of interviewing thousands of self-made millionaires. I had 32 questions to ask each of them. At Who's Who Worldwide I got to do exactly that, 7 to 30 times pr day for 52 weeks. These folks understand that you can create an incredibly excellent feeling in your heart and mind in these next few minutes.!! A great mood is only seconds away!! Do you have the brains to tap into this power? Please,don't tell me: Show me. REMEMBER: Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed. At all times, your mood is determined by you...exclusively.

Why are you walking around feeling so unrewarded & unfulfilled? Your life's going so great? If it is, seeya later. If you still have a dream or two, what's the cost of bringing it out and taking a look at it? If all of your dreams are gone, you should lay down and die. If you're willing to take a look at what would really really thrill you all the way, I'm telling you that you can join the 481,000 millionaires who live here in America. Oh, I'm sorry; did I write '481,000'? Forgive me: we have 10
GROUPS of 481,000 millionaires here in the U.S.!! They dared to dream, put in writing what they wanted, and how they thought they could go about getting it.
Then, they took some action, however small, EVERY DAY!!
Within 7 to 10 days, you will see so many areas of your life improving that you'll be excited about going for the full 21 days. We already know from repeated study of thousands of superstars in a variety of fields, that when you put your dreams or goals on paper every day for 21 days, reading them aloud at least two times per day with enthusiasm, you will find yourself, within 21 days (!!!!) closer to your life's sweetest dreams... than you have gotten in all the years of your life all put together, and you'll very quickly understand how we can make such a powerful claim.
You need not take my word for it, or even that of thousands of supersuccessful athletic stars, business stars, authors, Olympians, and so many many other Winners. 21 days. See for yourself. Only 5 to 7% of you have the brains to actually put your goals on paper. To you, I welcome you to the Circle of Winners. Whatever level you are at now, I promise you, within 21 days you'll be grinning & happy. Again, don't take anyone's word for it?:
Shut up, and do it. You WILL be very glad you did...WITHIN 3 weeks from today.
Just play pretend for 15 minutes pr writing.That's it!!!
Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed.
Precisely what do I want? __________________________________
  • By when? __________________
  • What specific emotions will I feel when I actually achieve this desire? ______________________________
  • What will I personally receive from achieving this desire? _______________________________________
If I were paid $2,000 cash to write down the 1st two steps, or $25,000 for the first 4 steps, they'd be:
____________________________________ _____________________________________

____________________________________ _____________________________________

If the only way to get lifesaving medication was based on my doing this, what can I do in the next 12 hours, or even the next 100 minutes to bring me just one step closer?
Just pipe down and do it EVERY DAY. I promise you, in days, you'll be much better off, with less stress than you have today.
Unconditionally Guaranteed.
As always,
what you DO
speaks so loudly

you need not say a word....y'see, the roar of your actions tends to drown out your words.
It really is true, my friend: what you do speaks so loudly I can't hear a word you're saying

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It's claimed that I am the most well-read human of 43 in all of our history,
averaging one to three books per day for approximately 11,000 days.

Perhaps 75 of those have been read up to 9 or 10 times each. If only allowed to offer 2 authors to the world, I suppose they'd be James Herriot and Dr Maxwell Maltz. One gives joy in living on a day to day basis, the other teaches us how to turn virtually any thought or desire into reality in 100 days or less, any dream you might have. The book spawned at least 4,000 others, and countless world records.

Dr. Maltz's book teaches it so well, just as Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" (more than 4,000 millionaires have publicly or privately stated very clearly that "Think and Grow Rich" was the single event that turned them into millionaires).

In fact, Dr Maltz, America's first 'premiere' plastic surgeon, turned away more candidates for vanity surgery than he accepted. With his simple book (fancy title of "PsychoCybernetics"), he so thoroughly teaches the most powerful of Life's master shortcuts that just this one book singledhandedly planted a seed that has grown into many thousands of carefully-researched books, tapes, videos, careers, even an industry.

The whole lot of them bring great messages: Harvey Mackay, Shakespeare, Napoleon Hill, Socrates, Lincoln, Sun Tzu, Epictetus…they're all great, they're all wise. From Goethe to Voltaire, Anthony Robbins to Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Dyer, Denis Waitley /b>(a giant unto himself), Schuler, Peale, and literally every big name in peak performance… I have all their books, and tapes, some rather well-worn from repetition. They're all great, they're all wise, and wealthy, etc. Basically, they all say the same few things.
  1. Repetition is the basis of every human skill
  2. All great wisdom, all great wishes, and all great achievements, are brief, & can be "seen" on our mental video with emotion... and in writing.
  3. No matter what you point your finger at, it is made up of smaller components, which were assembled just one at a time, most often by taking it apart and working backwards.
99% of you are convinced that you understand these. Most of you are sadly mistaken, and the perfect proof? Look at your life. Either it's close to perfect, or it's not.
If it's heading towards perfection, it's because you do understand those few magical powers.
If it's not, it's because you do not understand those few magical powers.
Sorry to pop your bubble about how smart you think you are. Simple fact:

How smart you are is NOT determined by what you know.
How smart you are is determined by what you DO with what you know.
It's the only possible way you can prove to yourself, let alone to the world, whether or not you really do understand any given piece of wisdom.
The very same day that you understand that every single great person was considered a jerk or loser or average geek or boring or just fat or just this or that…. until the minute they made a decision to take at least one step towards a dream every single day, at least eight or nine days per week…that's the day your results will begin doubling QUICKLY.
Everything you have ever learned to do with excellence, such as speaking, or, the task you've spent more time on than any other in your life… tying your shoelaces (we try thousands of times before we get it), and everything else that you're good at….. look at the few rules of perfectly powerful shortcuts. They do not fail. That's why the US produced a new millionaire, on average, 899 times per day, seven days per week, for more than five years. Do you understand? 6,300 NEW US millionaires EVERY WEEK for seven years….328,571 new US millionaires every year for seven years.
Every piece of great wisdom, every single shortcut discovered or developed…
EVERY GREAT FACT OR OPINION… is connected to those items of wisdom.

  1. Repetition is the cause of every human skill
  2. All great wisdom, wishes, & great achievements are briefly described, & can be "seen" on our mental video with emotion... and in writing.
  3. No matter what you point your finger at, it is made up of smaller components, which were assembled ONE at a time.
1) Repetition of a thought, or action, including asking.
2) Described briefly, "seen" on mental video... and in writing.
3) Smaller components assembled just ONE at a time.
If you did nothing but focus on items 1, 2, and 3 above…. 14 minutes per day (that's 1% of your time), within 10 days you will see huge, huge, huge, huuuuuuuuuuge changes happening in your life. When you do begin to understand these 3 shortcuts at a deeper level than you do now, you'll use these awesome powers to revolutionize every facet of your life, personally, financially, professionally, sexually, & more, in less than a minute.
However arrogant this may sound, every month, I read more books than you read in a year. Every year or so, I read as much as most of you have read in your whole lives. In the past thirty-three years, I figure I've read more than everyone you know… all added up together
There has never, in all of human history, been even ONE SINGLE HUMAN BEING who succeeded without screwing up first. That's rule #1: they repeatedly try. First they screw up, then they succeed.

They can tell you exactly what they want… in ten words or less.
They are very emotional about what they want!!
(They can tell you precisely WHY they want it and what they get out of it)
They ask more people to say "YES."

Think I'm kidding, or exaggerating? Go find yourself a master or millionaire, Olympic Champion or billionaire; one who YOU think is successful, however you define successful. They ask themselves, and others, more times.

I promise & unconditionally guarantee they used those 3 shorcuts to success, whether or not they consciously realized it at the time. By the time they DO become world-class, they are consciously aware of this It would seem that I'm in an excellent position to know this: I personally interviewed and/or broke bread with 1,200 self-made millionaires, & have interviewed, spent time with, and/or dined with, and/or studied the in-depth lives, actions & words of more 5,200 of the most incredibly supersuccessful people on the planet.

That's precisely how I went from being a zero to proving many surgeons wrong by defeating a wheelchair and worse (subsequent to being hit by drunk driver at 100+ MPH) earning serious sums of money just for speaking… and giving 95% of it away; broke or shattered 177 records for five big NY companies, learned new languages in my late thirties; play guitar, piano, harmonica, autoharp, zither, and enough drums to get by, and have read so far nearly 17,000 books, along with countless magazines, treatises, 'white papers' and more; have solved many hundreds of the toughest word and crossword puzzles ever produced; learned how to paint, ride motorcycles, train animals and produce/direct commercials; speak on my own radio shows, and so much more, thanks to the people who did it first and did it better...
...and thanks to a simple, life-changing commitment of just fourteen minutes per day. It will quickly revolutionize your life.
I did not accomplish these things through looks, brains, connections, or talent…because I have few of these qualities. I simply shut up and found five or more people doing it better than me, wrote or called them one at a time and said,
"We both know you're great at what you do, one of the best, and before I die I'd like to contribute to the world the way you do. May I buy you lunch or dinner so you can be my mentor for a half-hour?"
How many do you think responded affirmatively?
If you personally wrote or called with such a message to 900 of the most supersuccessful authors or businesspeople, how many do YOU think would respond affirmatively?
GUESS WHAT?? You haven't got the foggiest idea, and you have no right to a valid opinion until you do it!!!
It's the same way with everythingEVERYTHING WE DO:
Shut up until you've done it. Stop asking people who haven't done it.
Ask MORE of the people who HAVE done it. Not your mother or husband:
ask people who have
already done it or ARE DOING IT NOW!
They're the ONLY ones with the right to speak!
If you are capable of reading this, and tying your shoelaces, you are capable of becoming rich and famous in 100 days or less, or making 99% of any and all human dreams come true in 100 days or less… or at the very, very worst and least, you will be closer to it in 100 days…..than you have gotten in all the years of your life… all added together up until now.
  • Just put your dream in writing
  • Put it on your mental video with emotion for just five uninterrupted minutes per day
  • Resolve to ask at least 3 people for help every day for 100 days.
Before 100 days have passed you will be far, far, FAR ahead of where you are right now. 32,000 human skills. Which one excites YOU the most? It's YOUR turn!

  1. Repetition is the cause of every human skill
  2. All great wisdom, wishes,& great achievements are briefly described, & can be "seen" on our mental video with emotion..
  3. Everything you touch is made up of smaller components, assembled ONE at a time.

Are you getting the hint yet?

What could POSSIBLY be stopping you from playing pretend for just 15 UNINTERRUPTED minutes pr day? I'm telling you, I'm assuring you with the utmost vigor of discourse, guaranteeing to you, UNCONDITIONALLY, that you playing your favorite mental video for 15 uninterrupted minutes per day will bring astonishing and wonderful and happy changes in your life WITHIN A WEEK OR TWO at most… or as quickly as a few minutes.
You are repetitiously, repeatedly, told unto redundancy that you have no right to a valid opinion on any subject on this earth until you personally have CONSIDERABLE experience at it. Until then, please, please…. shut up. Follow the steps of those you admire the most, whoever they are.
Not what you know…..
rather, what you DO with what you know.
THAT's what we'd like to know about you.

Whether today is a finger-snapping, toe-tapping, star-SPANGLED day for YOU, as it certainly is for me, is nothing more, or less, than a choice... ...mine, and yours. Go for the gold!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to Masters and Millionaires

These 521 connected websites comprise the largest personal web site in existence. These are the successful shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires. Every link & page were created by a single pair of hands, just for you.

There's no direct charge for you to participate in this program, designed to create 70,000 new masters and first-time millionaires, using the shortcuts of literally millions who've done it already. You are expected, AFTER your income zooms, to put $100 into a bank account that is not to be touched for 200 years, and then spent to feed the hungry. Each $100 will become several billion, effectively eliminating starvation.

We're not selling you tapes, videos, or cd's. We provide the specific techniques of masters and millionaires. Your up-front 'cost' is to provide belief in self, and a willingness to use your two ears and two eyes twice as much as your one mouth, for 14.4 minutes per day: a mere one percent of your time.

These sites are permanently free. No need to use them progressively: each powergem, while interactive with one or more others, will always produce well for you in and of itself. So, go ahead, jump right in.


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